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mycusini® Comfort package incl. 2 x stainless steel cartridges, 3 x silicone mats, 2 x 3D choco dark and 2 x 3D choco white

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The mycusini® is an easy-to-use 3D food printer made for the use in the private kitchen.

Including a template library with over 800 creative objects, selection and production directly on the display of the device.

The device works with included special 3D choco refills – which enable an immediate sense of achievement

Individual objects and text messages can easily designed in the free mycusini® club and produced in choco afterwards

The mycusini® is no bigger than a coffee machine and fits in every kitchen.

Dimensions of the printer:                                                                                                                        19x19.5x27cm

Production platform: 105x70mm


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