Transfer Sheet Pur Éclat

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Decorative printed foils

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size: 40cm x 25cm

For couverture:
Cut the foil into pieces or strips. Put tempered chocolate coating thinly on the printed side. Bend the foil - if desired. When the chocolate coating has set, peel off the foil. To ensure that the pattern transfers completely, it is important to remove the foil immediately after cooling. The colors will now adhere to the couverture. So you decorate your cakes, desserts, chocolates, etc. with unusual elements.

For cakes or creams:
Set cakes or desserts directly upside down on the foil. After freezing, pull off the foil. The decorations are now directly on the cake or desserts.

For roll fondant:
Roll out the roll fondant as usual. Place the transfer foil on the rolled fondant. On top of it a sheet of baking paper and iron with an iron (level 1) over the baking paper. Remove the baking paper and then carefully pull off the foil.

There are no limits to your imagination.

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